Why go to a Day Spa when we bring the Day Spa to you? - please, call 095 400 0864

Home, hotel, or office; you are just a phone call away from a Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial or a Spa Party.

Mimoza treats its clients to expert spa services, provided in a smooth, quiet and professional manner. Our highly skilled massage therapists, manicure technicians, and beauticians transform your home, office, hotel room, or other location to bring an atmosphere of harmony and relaxation. We bring everything and create for you a complete spa environment, offering Mimoza spa packages as well as our wide a la carte selection of services - from massages, to facials, manicures & pedicures, to customized spa parties - to meet your every beauty and wellness wish.


Mimoza will come to you wherever you are and you will be pampered in your space and on your terms. We provide spa and beauty services in Kyiv and Kyiv suburbs.


Spend the time you save on your family, friends and most important, YOU!

Better Service

You will be the center of attention - the space and technicians are there for you. No distractions!

Easy and Stress-Free

Enjoy the experience more knowing you don't have to leave when it's done! Avoid traffic, the holiday or pre-weekend rush, parking, etc.

Company News
27.03.2012 25% off all haircuts and beauty products!
Spring is finally here to stay! Time to celebrate this glorious season of rejuvenation!
11.02.2012 Visit our new salon on Pechersk!
It's at 39 Moskovskaya Str!
11.02.2012 Indulge yourself for St Valentine's Day!
Receive 2 Orange foot Massages for FREE!
22.12.2010 10% off Mimoza Gift Certificates til January 13! Don't miss your chance to buy a perfect present for someone near and dear!
11.10.2009 NEW Phone Number
Mimoza changed its phone number!